I am so happy and I have to tell you why :)

Imagine that I am already officially an adult from a few years but I am still a great dinosaur fan. I love dinosaurs very much since I was a little child. So when I was a child I used to have many different kinds of dino related toys and accessories. I had a dino printed bedclothes and also almost my clothes had some kind of dino figures somewhere. So you can imagine that I was always a real dino lover. I watched all of the dino related tales when I was a child, buta s a teenager my favourite films was the episodes of Jurassic park.

Dino backpack for my laptop

Okay, thats all about my addiction :) So as you can see I love these animals very much and it is still going. But as a serious adult I do not allow for myself to wear childish dino printed clothes or something like that. That is the reason why I decided to find something which is not childish but dino related.

So I started to browse on the internet to find something which is dino printed but serious. In this way I found the dinosaur-backpack.com website where I could find awesome dinosaur backpacks for adult. These packs have a great attitude, they are stylish and unique. So finally I bought a dinosaur backpack with spikes. I have to tell that this pack is really cool and everybody notice it!

Here is the website: http://www.dinosaur-backpack.com/

If you are a grown-up dinosaur lover you should visit this site!

If you want to read more about the backpacks visit the wikipedia article!

Hello Everybody!

Forgive in advance but I think this post will be useful for women rather than men but who knows? I said that because I just want to tell you that finally I found a really great present for my sister for her 26. birthday. But if you are a man who has not got any good gift idea for your love this post can be also helpul.

So… In this month my sister had her birthday so I had to buy something special for her. We have a really different tastes in everything but generally I can say that I always buy her a great present in each and every year. Due to she is so young I wanted to find something fresh what can she use in her eveyday life.

Colorful vintage backpack

Last year I bought her a really cool outfit. For christmas I bought a few vintage style accessories and she really loved them. That is the reason why I decided to buy some kind of vintage accessory for her again. Our mother told me on the phone when we were wondering about her presents that she needs a new bag. I knew immediately that it won’t be a problem I can find a great one easily on the internet!

And luckily so it was J I found a really cool website which helped me a lot when I picked a lovely and youthful vintage backpack for my sis. It was very easily due to they collected the best ones among the market!

So if you want to buy a vintage style accessory I really recommend you to visit Vintage-Heaven.com!

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